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Does it make you nuts that they’re putting up Christmas decorations right after Halloween? It really frosts my cookies the way a religious holiday has been minimalized, dare I say it, cannibalized for the unholy dollar. Stores were rolling out the trees, and fa-la-lahs the first week of November. I can remember when—sorry, one of those yes-I’m-from-the-stone-age remarks—people were horrified that the sales started right after Thanksgiving. Hey, why not leave the sales hype and decorations up all year long? Wait a minute, there are people and businesses already doing that. So a few years ago I started my own bounce back.

Instead of buying Christmas gifts from department stores, I went on the net to buy, started making gifts like homemade candy and canned goodies, bought art and artsy items from friends and family. I might not be saving a tree, but I’m fighting back in my own feeble way.


So I went to see the new Bond flick. Terrific action sequences, but we all know that’s expected in an espionage film. The helicopter thing went on way too long, but as I lost interest in the action, I had time to consider how the background was accomplished. The problem for me was the token plotline. The script was childish and transparent, using Moneypenny to make an idiot level mistake for an unnecessary plot plug. Luckily, the FX stuff was over the top so I was able to accept the insulting supposition that the mystery portion of the story was meant for a first grader to figure out. The music was well done (an important component for me) but way too loud, sometimes a distraction from the action on the screen. Maybe the people making the decision for the decibel level had already burned up their fuzzy ear linings from listening to rap music that rattled surrounding car windows from a hundred paces. The art design for the opening credits were marvelous but the music theme cannot come close to Adele’s brilliant “Skyfall” lyrics. Now that I’ve stopped complaining, the end result is my opinion that it’s worth seeing.


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Check out Kyra Jacob’s newest release and Facebook page. As the daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, and cousin of firefighters, I got hooked on her via her first book. And she’d a really, really nice gal. And prettier in person than her photo. Please give her a look-see.

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