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OMG, this is so much fun, creepier and more intense than the first two GB flicks. To be honest, I went not expecting much. I will always be a fan of the original cast and remember the first time I saw Aykroyd on SNL. Still crushing. (Who can ever forget Bassomatic and the refrigerator repair man with the crack showing? My mom nearly had a stroke laughing at that.) This newest version is now my favorite in the Ghostie-verse.

Not enough can be said about Mckenna Grace. This young lady carried a large chunk of the story on her shoulders with what looked like effortless ease. Of course, everyone else does a fine job and Paul Rudd is still looking too damn young for his age. His comic timing is spot on, which helps for the downer attitude of the mom. (With some reason.) Logan Kim is just plain adorable as a sidekick, and the house is a character in itself. I don’t do spoilers but have to include that I loved (and so did the theater audience) the new version of Stay Puft.

So take yourself, and kids if you have them, because I’m a chicken and it didn’t scare me. Do stay for the credits. There’s a hilarious must-see clip before the final rollout.

So many fantastic films are coming out in December. Can’t wait and just because writers need every opportunity they can get to plug their work, my newest release (as Julia Donner) comes out today. Here’s the link:

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