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It’s a good thing to have someone to nag and knock one about the head. My critique partner, Judi Lynn/Judy Post has a pretty good aim. Sometimes there is ringing in the ears, which is not a bad thing, because it makes me pay attention. And as it was written in the Haggard novel, when She Who Must Be Obeyed speaks, you’d better listen.

SWMBO has been nagging me about doing snippets (among other things) and today’s mini-post is a heads-up just to prove I listened. The snippet thing is a fave of the delicious Ilona Andrews, and if it’s good enough for her…and so on.

The trilogy Seasons of Time made its debut in paperback in 2003, when I was told self-published works were a waste of time, would never sell, would never get reviewed, would essentially get laughed off the face of the Earth. I’d had encouragement from a publisher, but as traditional houses are wont to do, they wanted changes. The vision of the story was too important for me to change it to fit someone else’s format. It went on to sell many thousands of copies, win an Honorary Mention in a Writer’s Digest International contest, and receive an excellent review from Midwest Book Review.

Back then, I did book events where I talked about e-publishing and the digital future where hundreds of books could be stored and read on a device not much larger than a postcard. I was given pitying looks from the attendees, but it didn’t bother me. They all bought the book.

Today’s snippet is the opening of The Gracarin, Seasons of War. I’d been asked to write more about the world created in the first trilogy, so I am deep in that process. The interior map is almost done. It needs a few tweaks before sending out into the world. The cover is being created and a cover release should happen any time now. The notes from three beta readers have come back, which means it’s almost time to send it along to SWMBO.

Thanks for following. Because if it’s good enough for Judi/Judy and Ilona, it’s good enough for me.

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