FYI: I do not do spoilers.

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, I feared Vol. 2 would be a disappointment. At the opening of the first film, I knew it would be a big hit when Peter Quill starting dance-punting vicious alien vermin to the tune of Come and Get Your Love. Then came Rocket. I adore that snarky-mouthed little guy. His asides make me laugh until my belly aches no matter how many times I do a repeat—especially when told he can’t use his homemade mega-bomb to blow up large planetary objects and mutters that she just “sucks the fun out of everything.” I gotta say, he’s even more adorable in Vol.2. I want to take him home with me, even though I’d probably end up punting him and his smart mouth across the room at some point.

While itching with impatience for Vol. 2’s release, I also worried that it wouldn’t be able to match the fun and quirkiness of Vol. 1, but it does, in spades but with a different flavor. And what’s not to like about Kurt Russell? How does a sixty-six year old guy still look so yummy? Maybe it’s the dimples. Anyway, I loved Vol. 2. It’s like, and yet not like, the first film with some nice twists. It was such a relief to not be disappointed.

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