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What if we had a choice of what kind of news we wanted to view—good or bad?

This morning when the laptop hummed to life, the usual spread of dire and frenetic news bites flew at my face, like media projectile vomiting. Then, buried within the scrolling mess of vitriol, scandals, hype, and disasters came the ray of sunshine, a blurb of hope about twenty-five examples where people had gone out of their way to be kind to others, described as instances of humanity.

Why are we drawn to the crap of life, the dirty secrets of the rich and famous, the slime and hypocrisy? I’ve had my own downfalls and don’t ever feel I’m above those unfortunate schmucks. OK, I take that back. I do feel way above media celebrity types who are viewed as something special—because of her big backend and addiction to shopping and a spouse who brags that he never reads. Lovely. They are so not somebody I would point out to children to emulate.

Then we have the gifted, the graced and kind. They quite often do not see themselves as such. They act on a divine inner spark, the unquestioning compulsion to fulfill the need of another. They are the quiet heroes and heroines of every day life, the ones who just do and never brag, those who serve and never point out their service, the blessed—and I don’t think—the few.

I write stories with happy endings because life is full of the difficult. I like reading and writing about the positive and happy, overcoming the worst, learning from the mistakes, hoping for the best. Perhaps I like happy-ending fiction because I’m so constantly immersed in history, the boggling repetitions throughout the ages, how little we have learned, and yet, have managed to change.

Let’s be honest. There are days when we’re in a rotten mood and feel like watching crud. I’m not suggesting the eradication of downer info. I’m suggesting selectivity by way of suspicion, of asking oneself why that particular piece is being aired and its slant. The end result of the bombardment thrown at us by media moguls is apathy or a numbed brain. News content is usually driven by ratings, but sometimes the purpose is to keep the masses saturated with negativity and error, views slanted to specific beliefs and political leanings. We learned this to our cost during the G.W.Bush era of color-coded hype that kept the public wired and supportive of administrative agendas.

What if we had broadcast news selections—hit this button if you want good, this one for sensational bad? I know, in my dreams. But what would you do for news? What if we had programming that has nothing to do with hype and is all about the dissemination of events? Yes, one can get that on PBS, but I’m talking about other TV and radio outlets. How can we become a better people when all that is getting crammed down our throats is the glorification of the baser side of life?

If you want some good for today, see if the link below helps. You may have to copy/paste. I hope it gives you the lift it provided for me. And now, I’m getting down from the soapbox.


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